The Flu

We spent the first couple of meetings of Fem+Media+Health class discussing how modes medicine has evolved from the more natural and home remedies that were used up until the late 19th century.

Michel Foucalt writes of Biopower – the way that the state uses health to enforce a specific lifestyle.  In America, we believe in Capitalism (the plusses and minuses of that lend themselves to an entirely different blog post).  One of the main components of capitalism is that each and every citizen must be an economical productive member of society.  Yes, each governmental system requires its citizens to be productive, but capitalism has a specific economic element to it.  If you’re not adding to the GDP, then you’re basically worthless.

Well, I got sick last week; fatigue, chills, cough, the whole works.  I barely got out of bed for like a day and a half.  I didn’t have any sort of medicine in my apartment, and my doctor was back in Jersey while I was still in NYC.  But I managed to make it home thursday night and went to sleep with the hopes that the Jersey air would somehow make me feel all the better.

It didn’t.

But I didn’t really have the time to go to the doctor.  I did, however, have a bottle of CVS’ generic dayquill/nyquill which promised to make me feel better.

It did.

So you know my story, why is this even remotely important to you?

Well, this ties back to my opening about capitalism and the constant need to produce.  We’re about to start finals, I have like 30 pages worth of writing to do in the next 6 days and 3 tests to study for as well.  I don’t have the hours it’ll take to go to my doctor and sit and talk and diagnose and prescribe medication.  I needed a quick solution.  Something that may not fix the problem, but it would at least give me the strength during the day to do what I needed to do and I could heal at night.

This is not the optimal situation.  Rest and chicken soup is the only thing that’ll get me back to 100%.

Oh yah, and time.  Which is something I don’t have much of for the next 6 days.

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