Hair (The Blog Post)

I’m sorry if this sounds a little like I’m objectifying women.  I’m just trying to get my point across.

Chris Rock’s movie “Good Hair” was good-humor; funny social satire in which nobody got hurt, nobody was embarrassed, and everybody got his point.

Hair is one of the important parts of physical attraction.  I can’t speak for all guys, but the first thing I notice about a woman is her hair.   One recent poll showed that 100% of men agreed me.  (That poll included my brother and a close friend) Hair is important because it is one of the many things that a woman can individualize.  Beautiful hair is a major factor in a woman’s appearance.

But that does not mean that “black hair” is ugly.  It could very well mean just the opposite.  The problem stems from the simple fact that mass media and the fashion world plays to the largest audience; which if you combine whites and latinos (who have similar hair) encompasses over 80% of the country.  Blacks are not just a minority in this instance, but conceivably non existent.  Black women who consistently see white women objectified with shiny straight hair will eventually come to believe that is the only type of good hair.

Thus we get Rock’s “documentary” of the desperate black woman doing everything she can to obtain a near impossible standard.  And while I understand why these women go through the trouble, I can’t help but wish that they would not.

Besides for my personal feeling regarding unnecessary spending in the increasingly dominated corporate/advertisement culture, I think it would be an important social movement to embrace “black hair”.  That is the beauty of America; we don’t need to conform to a specific look.  Even further, the fact that we are all different but come together to form one country makes us even stronger.  Once we feel the need to conform, it ruins our individuality and takes away our personal persona.

Hair is the first think I notice on a woman.  It is what makes her unique.   So to conform to an image may be comforting to someone who feels disenfranchised, but to embrace a different style and make that beautiful is even more attractive.  Someone who bows to the panopticon of social pressure is not necessarily more beautiful, she is -to me- less of an individual.

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One Response to Hair (The Blog Post)

  1. cheurbs says:

    All valid points like Maya Angelou said, “A woman’s hair is her shining glory.” As discussed in class depending on a woman’s profession she is expected to keep her hair in a certain manner. Good Hair highlights the wearing of a weave and relaxing of one’s hair as solely a black phenomenon, however, I would like to point out that there are many white women that wear weaves and relax their to get it straighter. In fact, most white female celebrities in Hollywood wear a weave. Great post!

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